X5 Pitch Day
Partner with one of the major retailers in Russia
Applications are accepted
until December 20
X5 Group is looking for innovative solutions to increase the effectiveness of HR departments of retail chains.

The HR is responsible for a wide range of tasks related to recruitment, training and professional growth of the employees from both Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and other business units of the company.

10 startups will be selected to pitch to operations management team. If the testing is successful, the technology will be deployed in 18K X5 Group stores
Our Areas of Interest
Recruitment innovation
  • Job promotion tools (smart selection of promotion options using offline advertising, social networks, new channels; campaign effectiveness analysis)

  • New effective tools for searching and increasing conversion in the selection of line personnel (cashiers, salespeople, cooks, etc.)

  • Solutions for the selection of highly qualified middle management

  • Solutions for justifying and negotiating job terms based on market data (for example, adjusting the salary level)

  • Tools to guide a candidate through the hiring process (recruitment automation, scheduling interviews, sharing feedback within the company, exchanging candidates between departments)

  • Soft Candidate Scoring Tools

HR operational objectives
  • IT Resource Access Control (IdM) System

  • Automation of control over the task execution by HR department

  • Instruments for monitoring employees' progress in training

  • Tools for proactive adjustment of salary / payroll taking into account macroeconomic indicators, regional and other factors

  • Automation of the bonus calculation and the selection of its use, including using artificial intelligence

The life cycle of an employee in a company
  • A platform for storing and working with employee data (training, achievements, development in the company, etc.)

  • Tools for building a Performance Management process (including recommendations for training and development)

  • Tools for integrating digital positions into traditional retail

Innovations for the harmonious development of employees
  • Tools for learning integrated into real operational and business processes

  • Tools for applied, "live", interesting learning

  • Tools to update ad-hoc training content (for example, when operational processes change)

  • Entrepreneurial skills development tools (including hypothesis testing)

  • Tools for attracting employees' attention to vacancies, stimulating internal rotations

  • AR technologies in training (including the repair of complex equipment)

  • Solutions for the preparation of the personnel reserve (ensuring the optimal balance between the training / testing load and the time / degree of the employee's readiness to perform new tasks in practice)

  • People analytics technologies

Corporate portal, applications, chat bots
  • Portal development tools

  • Automated workplace for an office employee (remote access to perform operational tasks)

  • Plugins for the development of functionality and tools to increase the views of information in personal accounts and mobile applications

  • Chatbots for constant contact with the candidate in the hiring process, onboarding new employees in the company, answering standard requests to HR

Internal communications
  • Progressive ways of presenting information for employees (for example, widgets, stories, videos, etc.)

  • Analysis of data from various channels for collecting feedback

  • Monitoring tools to analyze positive employee feedback

  • Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

  • Tools for working with employee ideas (internal crowdsourcing)

  • Employee engagement tools in UGC content creation

  • P2P communication development tools between employees

Effective organization management
  • A platform for visualization and dynamic work with the organizational structure (roles in the form of elements with detailed descriptions, metrics, assessing the impact of changes in the organizational structure on metrics)

  • Platform for KPI decomposition, visual demonstration of the relationship between strategic goals and tactical objectives, flexible tools for working with the KPI tree

  • Tools for the dynamic distribution of tasks between self-employed and own ad-hoc employees (including ratings of performers and payment for work)

  • Smart tools for dynamically planning the number of line employees and their work schedule in order to increase the company productivity and efficiency (including work with flexible schedules)

  • Smart management of calendars and to-do lists for office workers across the organization

  • Tools for effective collaboration between legal entities / business units within a group of companies (joint planning, meetings, information exchange, etc.)

Innovation in employee motivation methods
  • New, cutting-edge tools to increase employee engagement / retention

  • Gamification tools for mass retail staff (including internal social networks)

  • Technologies for expressing gratitude to a colleague

  • Convenient catalog of employee benefits, motivation to use them

  • Analysis tools for emotions, employee digital data and other factors to prevent burnout / layoffs

Comfortable environment for work and life
  • Intelligent HR services for employees

  • WellBeing apps and offer aggregators for remote employees

  • A platform for uniting employees by interests, spending time together

  • Automation of office management using biometrics (access to the office, booking meeting rooms, etc.)

  • AR Smart Office Solutions

  • Convenient workplace for store staff (cashiers / sellers)

Leading retail company in Russia
Most active strategic partner for retail startups
3000+ startups
passed evaluation by X5
164 pilots
have been conducted
in the company
35 solutions
successfully implemented
and scaled
X5 Group
distribution centers
regions of presence
What We Offer
Paid pilot
We discuss the cost of the pilot with each startup individually
Simple contracting process
We approve the budget and the counterparty without complicated tender procedures
Fixed terms
Pilot project launch in a store chain, economic review and estimate of implementation cost lasting from 2 to 4 months
Support at all stages
We assign a personal project manager to guide you from the first meeting and signing of the NDA right up to scaling
Testing sites
Lab stores for testing your solution. A pilot can involve any number of chain stores
A successful pilot will mean that your project can be implemented in 18,295 chain stores
Modalities of Participation
Minimum viable product
Proof of concept
PoC and Scaling Readiness
Fill in the information about your project and future pilot by December 20.
Send your application for participation
How to Participate in the Selection
On January 14, we will email you the selection results.
Get an invitation
On January 27, get to speak to business customers and tell them about your plans for the pilot.
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