X5 Pitch Day
Partner with one of the major retailers in Russia
Applications are accepted
until November 22
X5 Retail Group is looking for innovative solutions for operations divisions of Pyaterochka and Perekrestok retail chains.

Operations departments are responsible for processes in the stores, such as merchandising, managing price tags, checking expiration dates, customer check out, creating a comfortable working environment for staff and welcoming atmosphere for guests. We are looking for technological solutions to improve the efficiency of operational processes in the store and provide high-quality service for guests.

10 startups will be selected to pitch to operations management team. If successful, your technology will be deployed in 17K X5 Retail Group stores.
X5 Retail Group
Leading multi-format retail company in Russia
Most active strategic partner for retail startups
regions of presence
1500+ startups
passed evaluation by X5
RUB 1,734 bln
net profit in 2019
156 pilots
have been conducted
in the company
26 solutions
successfully implemented
and scaled
distribution centers
Our Areas of Interest
Stocking and displaying products
  • Quickly identify errors in set of products in a mixed pallet received from distribution center. Stocking and displaying products.
  • Ensuring the correctness of the balances: analysis of the movement of goods from store stocks to shelves, automated inventory tools.
  • On-shelf availability control: smart shelves, shelves sensors, automated processing of photo reports, mobile solutions.
  • Solutions for tracking and managing shelf replenishment (moving goods from store
    stocks to shop area). Address storage for small stores. Solutions to upgrade or substitute roll cages. Quick shelf replenishment.
Price tags management
  • Availability and relevance control, price verification, quick replacement of price tags,
    convenient ways to check the price by the customer.
Quality management
  • Quality control when accepting products.
  • Freshness control.
  • Solutions to prolong freshness and prevent loss.
  • Easy expiration dates control for each product unit.
Customer experience
  • Carts and baskets: location tracking, loss prevention, upgrading with mobile phone
    services, disinfection.
  • Click & collect solutions.
  • Solutions for quick order assembly for express delivery from stores. In-store robotic assistance to picker.
Check out
  • Prediction and prevention of queues.
  • Multifunctional and mobile checkout hardware, technology to optimize cashier's work: identifying and scanning products, quick recognizing of goods without barcodes.
  • Automated solutions for cash sorting.
Merchandising and sales equipment
  • Promo campaign control: automated photo reports control.
  • Store planning and design: automated floor planning.
  • Universal trade equipment for different kind of products tp display during promo and
    seasonal campaigns.
  • Smart tobacco dispensers: easy to search for right product.
  • Smart dispensers to sale products in reusable containers.
Staff management
  • Communications between store workers: radio and online communication, walkie-talkie- like solutions.
  • Solutions for easier and more effective communication between office staff and store staff.
  • Mobile solutions for easier access to corporate knowledge basis and instructions.
  • Mobile solutions for sharing best practices between store teams.
  • Personnel control, solutions to track work time.
  • Solutions to quickly assembly education courses for store employees.
Other store operations
  • Ecommerce-like tools for ordering supplies for store needs.
  • Store supply inventory control: stationery, receipt tape, paper for printers, tapes for scales, packaging materials, face masks, gloves, antiseptics, containers for bulk products and ready-to-eat meals.
  • Anti-fraud, anti-theft solutions (for traditional, self-service and unmanned stores).
  • COVID-19: disinfection solutions.
What We Offer
Paid pilot
We discuss the cost of the pilot with each startup individually
Simple contracting process
We approve the budget and the counterparty without complicated tender procedures
Fixed terms
Pilot project launch in a store chain, economic review and estimate of implementation cost lasting from 2 to 4 months
Support at all stages
We assign a personal project manager to guide you from the first meeting and signing of the NDA right up to scaling
Testing sites
Lab stores for testing your solution. A pilot can involve any number of chain stores
A successful pilot will mean that your project can be implemented in 17,025 chain stores
Modalities of Participation
Minimum viable product – MVP
Proof of concept – PoC and Scaling Readiness
How to Participate in the Selection
Send your application for participation
Fill in the information about your project and future pilot by November 22.
Get an invitation
On November 24, we will email you the selection results.
Pitch online
On December 3, get to speak to business customers and tell them about your plans for the pilot.
Results of the first
X5 Pitch Day
On September 10, X5 Retail Group and IIDF held a pitch session for startups developing solutions for maintenance of stores and distribution centers.

10 startups presented their solutions to maintenance management that is responsible for well-functioning of all chain stores managed by X5 Retail Group (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel).
If you have any questions,
send us an email
Contact person: Dmitry Belenkiy
E-mail: [email protected]