X5 Pitch Day
Partner with one of the major retailers
in Russia
Applications are accepted
until May 2
X5 Retail Group is looking for innovative solutions for Perekrestok commercial department.

Department is responsible for product assortment management, pricing, interaction with suppliers, promotional support, development of private labels and in-store production, partnership programs and retail cafes.

10 startups will be selected to pitch to operations management team. If successful, your technology will be deployed in Perekrestok stores.
Our Areas of Interest
Machine learning tools for pricing, assortment management and promotions
  • Pricing algorithms, incl. taking into account the location of the supermarket.
  • Assortment efficiency analytics: category reviews, identification of ineffective positions, tips for the category manager.
  • Evaluating promotions effectiveness: retro-analysis of sales and receipts data, evaluation of communication channels.
  • Promotions planning: goal-setting and volume forecasting, cannibalization analysis, recommendations on positions and prices.
  • Localization and personalization of promotions: analysis of local demand, competitive environment, development of personalized offers and promotions.
  • Price and assortment monitoring of online and offline competitors incl. offline local players; monitoring of complex categories: fruit and vegetables, local and private brands; market analytics sources
Innovative Equipment
  • Equipment for new customer services in the supermarket.
  • Smart tobacco storage.
  • Innovative bakery equipment, control of operating modes, tips for employees on production plans and technologies.
Consumer Research
  • Analysis of consumer habits, preferences and decision-making processes.
  • Identification of the needs of narrow consumer segments: athletes, allergy sufferers, etc.
  • Recommendations for local assortment and merchandising: identification of local trends in different cities and regions, analysis of social networks, market data.
  • Collecting customer feedback.
Robotization and process automation
  • Automated processing of large amounts of data, integration between Excel and SAP, JDA, PX, GK systems and others: assortment input and output, assortment analytics, sales data processing, pricing of complex categories.
  • Tools for integrating external data sources with the company's systems, matching with the Perekrestok assortment.
  • Master data management: cleaning, enrichment, matching.
  • Automation of commercial department budgeting processes, analysis of results for generating reports, data visualization.
Suppliers Management
  • Smoothening connections with new suppliers - training and assistance services for suppliers on Perekrestok's processes.
  • Evaluation of suppliers' price offer: reasons and factors of price changes, provision of recommendations during the negotiation process.
  • Automation of supplier selection, profile enrichment and analytics.
  • Search for local suppliers, suppliers of functional assortment, private label partners: monitoring, communication channels, platforms and tools for attracting.
Private Label
  • Automation of private label packaging design processes.
  • Conducting consumer research on private label goods.
  • Quality control and organoleptic property control of private label products.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of packaging design on a store shelf.
  • Tools for search, analysis and control of private label suppliers.
In-store production: ready-to-eat, pastry shop, bakery
  • Optimization of logistics when moving products between supermarkets, local delivery of small loads.
  • Smart ingredient planning for production: keeping record of finished products, syncing with ingredients order systems.
  • Solutions to improve production plan accuracy.
Supermarket café
  • Solutions for providing cafes with disposable tableware and ingredients: auto-ordering, synchronizing café sales plans and factual datas.
  • Solutions and tools for café quality control: layout compliance, cleanliness, presence of price tag .
Modalities of Participation
Minimum viable product – MVP
Proof of concept – PoC and Scaling Readiness
What We Offer
Paid pilot
We discuss the cost of the pilot with each startup individually
Simple contracting process
We approve the budget and the counterparty without complicated tender procedures
Fixed terms
Pilot project launch in a store chain, economic review and estimate of implementation cost lasting from 2 to 4 months
Support at all stages
We assign a personal project manager to guide you from the first meeting and signing of the NDA right up to scaling
Testing sites
Lab stores for testing your solution. A pilot can involve any number of chain stores
A successful pilot will mean that your project can be implemented in 17,025 chain stores
Perekrestok is Russia's supermarket chain
Most active strategic partner for retail startups
6 regions of presence
1500+ startups
passed evaluation by X5
156 pilots
have been conducted
in the company
933 stores
26 solutions
successfully implemented
and scaled
X5 Retail Group
Fill in the information about your project and future pilot by May 2.
Send your application for participation
How to Participate in the Selection
On May 7, we will email you the selection results.
Get an invitation
On May 19, get to speak to business customers and tell them about your plans for the pilot.
Pitch online
X5 Pitch Day results
Pitch Day for maintenance of stores and distribution centers
On September 10, X5 Retail Group and IIDF held a pitch session for startups developing solutions for maintenance of stores and distribution centers.

10 startups presented their solutions to maintenance management that is responsible for well-functioning of all chain stores managed by X5 Retail Group (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel).
Pitch Day for operations divisions of Pyaterochka and Perekrestok retail chains
On December 3, 2020, seven startups-finalists of the selection presented their solutions to improve the efficiency of operational processes in stores and improve the service of the Pyaterochka and Perekrestok retail chains.

If you have any questions,
send us an email
Contact person: Angelina Barsegian
E-mail: [email protected]