X5 Pitch Day
Partner with one of the major retailers in Russia
Applications are accepted
until August 23
X5 Pitch Day is a regular pitch session for startups interested in launching pilots with the X5 Retail Group.

This time, startups will be able to present their solutions to business customers from operations divisions – the most important block of the X5 Retail Group having representatives tasked with ensuring the functioning of all stores of the chain (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel) and distribution centers.

Based on the results of the pitch session, entrepreneurs may be invited to discuss a paid pilot (PoC).A successfully tested project can be scaled up using X5 infrastructure, which includes over 17,025 stores and 42 distribution centers.
X5 Retail Group
Leading multi-format retail company in Russia
Most active strategic partner for retail startups
regions of presence
1500+ startups
passed evaluation by X5
RUB 1,734 bln
net profit in 2019
156 pilots
have been conducted
in the company
26 solutions
successfully implemented
and scaled
distribution centers
Our Areas of Interest
Supplier-Contractor Relations Management
  • Automation and optimization of processes related to acceptance and quality control of services provided, work performed: maintenance of stores, equipment, cleaning
  • Automation of processes related to drafting and approving work and services estimates: maintenance of stores, equipment, cleaning
  • Automated systems and portals for interacting with suppliers and contractors, unified processes from request submission to approval and payment
  • Cataloging solutions and automated update of tariffs and prices: equipment, spare parts, works and services
  • Electronic document exchange with suppliers and contractors
Data Management
  • Predictive analytics, equipment failure forecast, life cycle management, repair planning, maintenance
  • Data analysis and visualization tools, report generation tools: P&L management, procurement and supply data management, retrospective analysis, identification of insights and benchmarks, setting of target indicators
  • Analysis of the influence of weather conditions on operations and maintenance of stores, forecasting of requirements: carpet replacement, cleaning services, adjustment of light, heat and refrigeration equipment
Energy Efficiency
  • Automated accounting, control, analysis and energy saving systems in stores and distribution centers
  • Energy efficient equipment for stores
  • Alternative sources, energy storage systems for stores: solar panels, wind generators, gas generators, cogeneration plants, etc.
Equipment and Infrastructure
  • Automated equipment monitoring in stores and distribution centers, IT infrastructure and equipment monitoring: photo and video analytics, registration of incidents, deviations, drafting requests for maintenance and repairs
  • Inventory and equipment movement tracking systems in stores and warehouses, including IT and server equipment
  • Monitoring and dispatching systems for equipment in stores and distribution centers
  • Accounting systems for repair and maintenance of fixed assets in stores and distribution centers, calculation of the total cost and feasibility of ownership, life cycle management
  • Water monitoring and accounting systems
  • New refrigeration equipment technologies for stores and distribution centers
  • Automated control systems for air curtains in stores
  • Reservation of communication channels in stores
Sustainable Development
  • Waste management, efficiency analysis: pick-up schedules, costs, reference to specific stores
  • Automation of accounting and monitoring of waste container filling
  • Innovative materials for store maintenance
  • Automatic machines for collecting recyclable containers and materials, household waste
  • Aggregation of data from state registers, management of relations with municipal waste accumulation sites, standardization and unification
Optimization of Internal Processes
  • Knowledge bases, internal and external employee training platforms: advanced training, standardization of operation and maintenance processes for current stores, commissioning of new facilities
  • AR/VR training, instructions for employees: energy security, standards for handling special equipment categories
  • Automated personnel management systems, setting goals and objectives, forecasting the need to perform works and provide services in the field of store operation and maintenance
  • Solutions for interaction with internal customers and services: procurement and supply, budget and estimate coordination, feedback handling
Warehouse Logistics, Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse process and operations organization and management systems, supply chain management, digitalization of processes: non-commercial purchases, store supply
  • Automation and robotization of distribution centers
Monetization of Retail Infrastructure
  • Developers of marketplaces, e-commerce sites and platforms
What We Offer
Paid pilot
We discuss the cost of the pilot with each startup individually
Simple contracting process
We approve the budget and the counterparty without complicated tender procedures
Fixed terms
Pilot project launch in a store chain, economic review and estimate of implementation cost lasting from 2 to 4 months
Support at all stages
We assign a personal project manager to guide you from the first meeting and signing of the NDA right up to scaling
Testing sites
Lab stores for testing your solution. A pilot can involve any number of chain stores
A successful pilot will mean that your project can be implemented in 17,025 chain stores
Modalities of Participation
Minimum viable product – MVP
Proof of concept – PoC and Scaling Readiness
How to Participate in the Selection
Send your application for participation
Fill in the information about your project and future pilot by August 23.
Get an invitation
On August 26, we will email you the selection results.
Pitch online
On September 10, get to speak to business customers and tell them about your plans for the pilot.
If you have any questions,
send us an email
Contact person: Dmitry Belenkiy
E-mail: [email protected]